God damn it, doesn't the shit ever stop? I thought I was finally
free, you know.  I wasn't stuck as regent anymore.  Colin and I finally
got together - God, that was past due.  And then Dworkin comes along and
fucks everything up again.  Asshole!  Whining about how he has to kill
Colin and I because we dared to fix the Pattern.  Well, sorry dude, I'd
much rather that you'd done it, but you were nowhere to be found, and we
were kind of on a deadline.  As it is, we still didn't do it in time to
save Dad.  I guess you lose, you bastard.  Get the lead out, next time.

	So I get chased across Shadow by Paris, possessed by Dworkin, or
some such nonsense, with some damn ghost of Duncan-not-Duncan offering to
get help, if only I would avenge his death by killing Dmitri.  Yeah,
right.  I may not like the dickweed, but he did give me Dad's sword back,
which moved him a few notches down on my shit list.  I might still kill
him, if I had the chance, but I ain't going to make it a priority, and you
don't seem the patient type.  Besides which, you tried to kill me to, why
should I do you any favors?  Get help?  Hah!  If Gabriel couldn't help,
what are the rest of those plonkers going to do?  Nothing.  Just like

	I knew I shouldn't have left Colin.  When did the fuckhead have
time to go back and get him, though?  He seemed hot on my heels the whole
time.  Shit.  So now Colin's probably dead.  Swell.  That just leaves Rasa
as the only other person I care about in this world.  If she gets wasted,
hell, maybe I'll do Dworkin a favor and off myself for him.  Except I'll
do it on the Primal Pattern.  Try fixing that, you asshole!

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