You know, it's amazing how dying frees the mind up.  All the shit
that seemed so important, just suddenly isn't anymore.  Take the regency,
for instance.  I spent so much time worrying over it, and trying to hold
things together, despite the fact that I had no support, power, or
experience, because I felt I owed it to Dad to do so.  And now?  Now Amber
can fuck itself, for all I care.  Let Gabriel deal with the regency.  He
at least has the power to back up his decisions.  He doesn't want the job? 
Well, too goddamn bad!  I didn't want it either.  Especially knowing that
Granddad ain't even dead.  I served my time, and they killed me for it, so
now it's someone else's problem.  All those people who bitched and whined
about how I was doing my job can feel free to take a shot at it
themselves.  Except for the assholes who killed me.  Them, I'm going to
kill.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday I will get a shot
at them, and I'm going to take it.  Especially the bastard who stole my
sword.  I'd bet anything that Dmitri's got it.  Well, it's all I have left
of Dad, and I'm not going to let him have it.  You know, I should have
just let Sean kill him.  Maybe he still will.  I can hope.

	In the meantime, I'm going to keep an eye on Colin.  Someone
hashed his head pretty badly, but Suhuy's people think he'll be OK.  He's
still out of it, though, so I'm making sure no one comes back to finish
the job.  Now that I'm not tied down by the regency, maybe we can
investigate a few things together...  Other than that, maybe I'll go hang
out some more with my newfound bro.  And I still want to get the Jewel
back from that asshole, Caine.  Just to wrap things up.  Hey, maybe now
that Gabriel is the regent, the assassins will bother him.  I can hope.  I
still haven't forgotten that he left me to Farad and co., because he
couldn't wait to get back to screwing Rasa.  And I'm never going to forget
that, either.  There's a lot that I'm not going to forget.

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