Things continue to go to blazes.  As usual.  At least Sean and
Paris didn't manage to kill Dmitri.  On the other hand, they weren't
killed either.  Damn.  Why the fuck is it that the two family members most
experienced with Trump are both madder than hatters?  Maybe it's a side
affect of delving that deeply into Trump?  I hope not.  It would explain
dear old Uncle Brand, though.

	The sudden surfacing of all of these artifacts, after they've been
buried for so long, has me concerned.  It seems a bit hard to believe
they'd all turn up at once.  Someone must be expediting this, but who? 
And, more importantly, why?  For that matter, what do we do with the ones
that we have?  They are each far too powerful to entrust to most members
of this family.  I'd rather just bury them like they were before.  No,
better than they were the last time, since some fuckhead obviously found
them.  Of course, if I had the power to hide the damn things, we wouldn't
be having so much trouble fighting them.  Why is all of this shit
happening now, anyway?  Never, in the years since I came to Amber, have I
seen so much happen so quickly.  How long has it been since Dad died?  A
couple of weeks, at most.  It feels more like forever.  Jesus, Dad, why
the hell couldn't you have hung onto the job for a little while longer,
before you went and died on me?  Shit.  Well, at least I have a few people
I can trust.  Rasa.  Colin. Gabriel, most of the time.  Gerard.  Maybe
Aunt Dee.  The rest are unknowns at best, enemies at worst.  What is it
with this family, anyway?

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