The good news is, Suhuy concocted a cure for that damn
shapeshifting virus.  The bad news is, Paris killed Alastair, and the
Jewel has been stolen.  Again.

	I'm getting pretty damn tired of this.  I thought I was being
rather clever in giving the Jewel to Gabriel.  I figured people would just
assume that I'd left it with Colin, and I defy anyone short of Benedict to
get something from Gabriel against his will.  It was a nice plan. 
Unfortunately, I didn't factor Rasa in.

	It's not really her fault.  I don't know why Gabriel gave the
Jewel to her in the first place.  It doesn't really matter, in the end. 
Caine has it now, and this bites, hard.  I've doubled the guards around
the Patterns, for all the good it will do.  No one is allowed to pass
without the approval of both myself and Colin.  I'm hoping that will at
least prevent Caine from getting through by imitating me.  Of course, he
can still fight his way through...  Maybe Fiona can come up with something
to prevent that, while she's stuck as my bodyguard.  I'm so glad Aunt Dee
finally decided to stop hiding behind the scenes and lend a hand.

	Still, I am left with the problem of what to do about Alastair's
death.  If he really is dead.  The body disappearing is just a little too
convenient.  If he is dead, though, it seems pretty certain that Paris did
it, but he has Suhuy's protection, and I can't just tell Suhuy to fuck
off, after all the help he's given me.  On the other hand, if Paris shows
up in Amber again, without prior warning from Suhuy, he's meat.  I've made
damn sure that Gabriel and Duncan are aware of that.  I've just about had
it with nut cases fucking everything up.

	Which leaves the question of who will replace Alastair?  Much as I
hate to say it, no obvious candidate springs to mind.  Certainly not Sean. 
Whatever the reasons for his dislike of me, Alastair's death has probably
not helped in that regard.  Dmitri is still too much of an unknown. 
Duncan and Colin just aren't sneaky enough.  Rasa?  Perhaps.  She shows
promise, and has been chafing for something to do, especially after losing
the Jewel.  Hmm....

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