I think almost everyone has wondered, at one point or another,
just what it's like to be a member of the opposite sex.  Well I don't. 
Not anymore.

	I'll bet this never happened to Oberon.

	I liked shapeshifting just fine when all it involved was healing
really fast, and enabling me to survive the occasional poisoning attempt. 
This, on the other hand, I could have done without.  I mean, I suppose the
insight I'm getting into people's personalities would just be the shit, if
it wasn't so fucking hard to retain my own self in the process.  Not to
mention the other problems.  Like how the hell am I supposed to get laid
like this?  Argh.  That's not it.  Fuck, I knew Colin was eyeing me a lot,
but I had no idea that he was *this* horny.  It's a weird feeling to want
to sleep with yourself.  Not that I can do much about it now.  Shit.  It
was easier when I was Rasa, and just wanted Gabriel.  Or Gabriel, and
didn't want anyone.  I sure as hell ain't sharing that with Rasa, though. 
I don't think her seduction plan went quite as she thought it would.  She
sure did look hot in those veils though.  Goddamn it, shut up!  I hate
this.  When I get my hands on the asshole responsible for this, I'm going
to tear him a new one.  Spoken.  God, I hope Suhuy cooks up a cure for
this soon.  How the fuck am I supposed to run the kingdom, if I keep
changing who I am every couple of hours?  Hmm, if I became Sean, I wonder
if I'd want to overthrow myself?  I'm rambling.  Of course I'm rambling. 
It's so goddamn hard to hold my thoughts together right now.  Maybe I
should get some sleep.  At least I'll be me in my dreams.

	I hope.

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