That was totally weird.  There's no other word to describe it.  It
was a lot like when Colin and I repaired the Pattern, and it was certainly
just as damn tiring.  As to that, I could get used to waking up in Colin's
arms, make no mistake.  Maybe if all this shit wasn't going down, and if
Rasa wasn't being so damn obvious about trying to push the two of us
together.  I'm contrary that way.  He certainly is fine, though.

	I feel a little better about our situation than I did before.  For
once, most of us put aside the petty bickering long enough to accomplish
something, and it was pretty fucking impressive, I think.  Take that,
House Hadyn!  I wish I could figure out what Random's angle was, though. 
I still think the Jewel would have helped, but better to err on the side
of caution, than risk the Jewel falling into Alastair's hands, or Paris',
or Sean's...  Is there anyone who *isn't* trying to grab the fucking
thing?  If I could just figure out a way to make sure no one can steal it
away from me and attune themselves, then I could get Random to return it
to me, or at least call his bluff.

	Sean did an amazing job of pissing Random off, I must admit,
insulting him at practically every turn.  Good.  I don't trust Sean, and
anything that puts him at odds with someone with as much power as Random
possesses is fine with me.  At least I know that Random isn't likely to
give the Jewel to him now.

	Now, we need to go on the offensive.  Hadyn shouldn't be bothering
us again, not after we slam-dunked their Logrus intrusion, and Alastair
lobotomized their Head of House.  That still leaves our primary problem of
the shapeshifters, especially the one that's trying to kill me.  I'm
positive that Alastair knows more about that than he's telling us.  Maybe
the success of our recent cooperation will prompt him to share it?  Nah,
who the fuck am I kidding?  At least I can rely on Colin and Rasa.  Damn, 
I've got to come up with a title for her.

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