Just what we fucking needed.  Another army is heading towards
Amber.  There must be a sign posted throughout Shadow that says, "Please
invade Amber, life just isn't exciting enough."  And as if that weren't
enough, Gabe's suddenly acting like one of the Stepford people.  He's
actually being nice.  This is too fucking weird.

	You know, I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell Rasa to
wait.  Did she listen?  No.  I don't understand how she managed to slip
off before we noticed she was leaving.  And I still didn't manage to nail
that shapeshifting bastard.  Either one of them, actually.  At least I
took a piece out of one of them, though.  I wish Greyswandir was able to
prevent them from healing injuries.  Assholes.

	At least things seem to be going well with the new guy.  It worked
out rather nicely that we had an empty Shadow, and he needed a place to
settle his people.  He's one of us, though, so I'm sure we'll seeing a lot
of him.  He looks to either be Julian's or Caine's.  Either way, his dad's
dead, so we'll probably never know for sure.  Like it matters all that
much, in the end.  I judge a person by what they do, not what their
parents did.

	I still need to find Rasa.  I hope that asshole shapeshifter
didn't hurt her.  Then we need to deal with him.  And Paris, the utterly
insane.  And Sean.  He's hard as shit to figure.  I'm positive he's the
one who dumped me on Random, along with Alastair, and his questions make
me think that he wants the throne.  Pity he doesn't show the ability to
deserve it.  I'd be happy to turn the job over to someone I thought was
worthy of it, but Sean ain't it.  No way in hell.

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