Thank you, Vanna, I'd like to buy a clue.  There's too much
confusing shit going on, none of which I can find a solution to.  I mean,
the conversation with Random was very enlightening, but it didn't help
much in terms of solving my problems.  OK, so he confirmed that there were
two shapeshifters running around, which we already suspected.  It's nice
to know that one of them is trying to save my life instead of kill me, but
I wish I knew who he was, and why he's doing this.  Hell, I wish I knew
the identities of all of the meddling elders, as well.  Random would only
say that there are four.  Stupid fuckheads, all of them.  At this rate, by
the time one of them fulfills their mad desire for the throne, there won't
be anything left for them to rule over.  Of course, I'll be dead, so it
will technically be Not My Problem.  How did Oberon manage to keep order? 
Well, let's see, he had the power to just kill anyone giving him trouble,
to start with.  Or put them someplace nasty.  Farad, Sean, Alastair, none
of them would be wandering free if Oberon was back.  I, unfortunately,
lack such abilities.  Which is why Dad was nuts to give me this job.  I
have no power, and I have no power base.  I was just a servant a month
ago, how could I have any sort of power base?  I have shit, basically. 
Damn it, Dad, I'm supposed to be worrying about dating guys, not holding
onto the throne of one end of Reality until Oberon deigns to come back and
reclaim it.

	This whole sitch really bites.  We don't have any real way of
combating the shapeshifters, so they're running free and creating a
fucking paranoia-fest.  The only person who can detect them is Alastair,
who wants the Jewel, and therefore can't be trusted.  Farad revels in
destruction for it's own sake.  God only knows what Sean is up to, but he
sure ain't on my side.  Bleys and Eric want the throne.  Flora is backing
Eric.  Benedict has gone wandering, and can't be bothered to help keep
Amber from falling to pieces.  Random is fucking around with both major
powers in a way that hurts just to contemplate.  Gabriel protects me only
out of a sense of duty.  I suspect that if I died, he'd secretly be
relieved.  No one can ever tell what Fiona is up to.  Gerard is the only
one of them who seems concerned about what's going on here.  Assuming
that's not an act.  Rasa was a real help for a while, but then she took
off, and God only knows what she'll do now.  The only person I can truly
trust is Colin, and thanks to our friendly shapeshifter, I can't even be
sure that he's him, most of the time.  You can't hold a kingdom together
this way, not with more enemies than allies, and no way to fight them.
Sometimes I feel like taking Dad's sword, and just running myself through.
But why bother?  I'm sure one of my relatives will do the job for me.
It's only a matter of time.  

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