For a moment, I actually thought that Colin was OK.  Then it
turned out to be that damned shapeshifter, again.  Who stabbed me, again. 
I am getting really fucking tired of this.  How the hell are we supposed
to find someone who can be anyone?  I wish Dad were here.  He'd probably
know how to handle this.  I'm just screwing it up.  Why couldn't he have
given the job to someone else, like Gerard?

	What is Sean's damage?  Look, I don't like Farad much, either, and
if he'd nailed Sean with lightening for no reason, I'd hand his ass over,
no problem.  But Sean forced a Trump contact with him.  Good reason or no,
I certainly can see how Farad would see that as an attack.  Hell, if I
could set it up so that everyone who forced a contact with me got zapped,
you bet your ass that I'd do it!

	Man, I'm glad Colin cast those reflective spells on me.  Handy
suckers.  Don't know why the lightning hit Sean, though, instead of
bouncing back at Farad.  If it was Farad.  I don't really give a damn, at
this point.  If he won't surrender his Trumps (other than mine, no *way*
was I letting him keep that one), then he gets to suffer if the
shapeshifter attacks someone through Trump while looking like him.  I
don't know why Gabriel is so confident that he'll stay in his cell.  This
is Farad we're talking about, he's hardly a man of his word.  Of course,
if he does escape, Gabriel will take it personally, and it will be that
much worse for him.

	Gabriel is a moron, sometimes.  What the hell did he think he was
doing, going through that Trump contact like that, especially when there
was some strange gas getting dumped in the room?  Boy, I have to admit,
I'm really starting to like this shapeshifting thing.  Maybe Gabriel
figured I'd be able to handle the gas, but now I have no way of knowing if
he's himself, or the shapeshifter.  Stupid ass.

	I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed that kiss.  All work and no
play, makes Jack a very dull boy.  Or girl.  And I haven't been playing at
all.  Nor am I likely to, while this shapeshifting asshole is out there. 
But maybe afterwards...  It's not like Colin is hard on the eyes or
anything.  Anyway, I continue to be impressed by Rasa's ability to find
people out in Shadow.  It's still strange to see her looking so much
older.  I suspect she's been using her shapeshifting to enhance that
effect.  No doubt to attract Gabriel's attention.  No wonder she's pushing
Colin at me.  As if I had any interest in Gabriel, other than his ability
to keep me alive.  She needs to seriously chill.  No man is worth making
that much of a fuss over.

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