Colin also sensed the Jewel when Tir-na Nog'th rose this evening,
but he had no more success than I in locating it.  Is it out on the
Pattern where that energy drain is taking place?  If so, it is beyond my
reach.  Rasa thinks Farad could disable the drain, but he's out hunting
for a body, seeing as how he burned his own to a crisp.  Even if he were
here, I couldn't really ask for his help.  Last thing I want is for him to
get his hands on the Jewel.  At least it seems to be safe from Eric up
here, which is all well and good, but I need to be able to get my hands on
the fucking thing if there's an emergency.

	Good grief, that was a comedy of errors.  What the hell was
Bonaparte thinking?  Not much, apparently.  Maybe I should just post a
sign by the stairs: "Warning, walking the Tir-na Nog'th Pattern can be
hazardous to your health."  I was tempted just to let Bonaparte and
Alastair fall, since I've never been very fond of Alastair, but that
wouldn't be a very regently thing to do.  Besides, it's something Eric
would do, and I am *not* going to be like that asshole.

	I suppose it was too much to hope that it would end with Dad's
funeral.  No such luck.  Now someone's trying to kill me.  No surprise. 
It doesn't seem to be Eric.  Big surprise.  Oh, he made an attempt, and
I'm ordering his arrest for that, you can be sure.  The asshole tried to
get Alastair to stab me while he lured Gabriel away.  Might have worked,
too.  Well, maybe not.  I heal real fast, after all.  Even with a poisoned
blade, I think I would have survived.  Obviously, the asshole taking
sniper shots at me didn't know that.  It would take more than a few
bullets to kill me off.  Not that I particularly enjoyed getting shot in
the shoulder again.  'Course, the assassin was probably counting on the
neurotoxin in the tomb to finish me off, but Gabriel stumbled across it
first.  Poor Gabriel.  Good thing Suhuy could help him, since all my CPR
did was barely keep him alive.  I probably owe him my life.  Him, and
Colin, and Rasa, and those poor guards who died standing between me and
the sniper.  I must make sure that their families are compensated.

	I want to catch this asshole.  Not just for trying to kill me, but
also for desecrating Dad's tomb like that.  It was bad enough that I only
had his head to bury, but they had to blow that up too, just in case the
bullets and the neurotoxins didn't finish me off?  Someone wants me dead
real bad.  Bonaparte?  Maybe.  All the evidence points to him, but it
doesn't add up.  Why the fuck would he shapeshift for the sniping attempt,
but then look like himself in the second attempt?  And then stroll back up
to the castle?  But, if not Bonaparte, then who?  Alastair's bastard? 
Some Chaosite leftover from the Black Road battles?  For once, I'm damn
glad I had Dad's sword.  Wish I'd managed to nail the bastard with it. 
Bonaparte wouldn't flame, but your average Chaosite sure would make a
lovely crispy critter.  Gotta remember to use Resume True Form if they
attack me openly again.

	Good thing they didn't know how fast I heal, or maybe they would
have used a stronger poison.  Rasa says I'm a shapeshifter, and the
feathers and shit I started growing would tend to confirm that.  Guess
that's a good thing, or I'd be dead now, but I can hardly be named Regent
looking like this.  It would be just too freaky, and I'd like to keep this
ability a secret.  That stuff I got from Rasa's mind that time she got
stuck sure came in handy.  Never thought I'd be using it on myself,
though.  Now if only I could do something about this hair color...

	I've set Rasa to investigating how the poison was administered,
but I'm sure the culprit's long gone.  Better verify that Bonaparte is
still under guard.  Judging by that alarm, I'm guessing the answer is no. 
Guess I'd better get a food taster, too, although I hate the idea of
asking someone to do that.  There's just something wrong with telling
someone "Hey dude, I'd like you to taste all of my food, so if someone
tries to off me, they nail you instead."  On the other hand, that's
essentially what I'm asking of my guards.  I still can't get used to the
idea that these people are willing to die for me.  Just because I'm the
Regent.  I don't feel worthy of that, somehow.

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