So close, and yet so far.  I could feel the Jewel so strongly that
I could almost reach out and touch it.  It has to be in Tir-na Nog'th
somewhere, but where?  Probably right by that power drain on the Pattern. 
I'll have to return there to investigate further, when I am not surrounded
by cousins.  I certainly wasn't going to hunt for it with Rasa/Farad
present.  They actually tried to convince me that Farad had left, claiming
she could do everything Farad could as a result of their minds merging. 
As if.  Maybe someone else might have bought that sack of shit, but I know
better.  I went through something similar with Colin, after all.  It gave
me some understanding into how he uses the Pattern, and some additional
power words, but you don't see me conjuring, now do you?  Give me a break!

	And then they try to make off with the Rebman Jewel.  No way was I
going to let that happen.  Thankfully, Gabriel was able to get them to
turn it over to him.  Then they act like they were just trying to keep me
from having it.  Right.  It's the real one I want.  I just didn't trust
what they would do with it.  It belongs in Rebma, anyway.

	Bonaparte is a strange one.  That bit with the hair was just too
weird.  The news of Sebastian's parentage was interesting, though. 
Alastair fucked some wench named Dara in Shadow, only it turns out she's a
Chaosite, and Sebastian's the result.  Nice going.  Next time use a
condom, asshole.

	Both Bonaparte and Gabriel's daughter, Rebecca, both walked the
Pattern.  Should I have let them?  Well, I figure they'll find someone to
help if they really want to, so why piss family off unnecessarily?  It's
not like guards will do much good in stopping them.

	Bonaparte certainly stuck it to Farad.  He claims that his sorcery
just didn't work as expected, but I don't buy it.  Not that it matters. 
It was about time somebody nailed that double-crossing little fink. 
Doesn't sound like anyone tried too hard to stop him, either.  Maybe if
Farad hadn't betrayed virtually everyone in this family, at one time or
another, someone might have tried to save his ass.  As it is, even if he
isn't the one who killed Caine, he more than deserved what Bonaparte did
to him.  Good thing Bleys was able to separate him from Rasa.  I didn't
want Bonaparte hurting her, but he might have if they had remained
together for too long.  I hope she's learned something from this, but
somehow I doubt it.

	Eric is a complete asshole.  He actually challenged me to fight
for the throne, just minutes after two of his brothers were laid to rest. 
We hadn't even left their tombs yet.  Guess he didn't care much for them,
did he?  I don't think he cares about anyone, other than himself.  As if I
would fight him during such a solemn occasion.  As if I'll fight him at
all, if I can help it.  Does he honestly think that a stupid swordfight is
the way to determine who should hold the throne for Oberon?  As if skill
with a sword were the only necessary qualification.  Moron.  Does he think
I've forgotten how he sat back and let Dad die fighting the Chaos forces? 
Well, I haven't forgotten, and I'll be damned if he ever sits on this
throne.  If I have to curse him with my dying breath to prevent it from
coming to pass, I will.  No doubt he'll make another appearance at Dad's
funeral.  He probably won't even wait for the service to end.  God, I wish
it was Eric we were burying instead.

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