As we descended the stair, the light from above began to fade and the luminance of the city below began to grow. It was a wonder to behold, this realm beneath the sea. I could see Llewella's castle as we walked through the city, rising magnificently above all else surrounding it. The outer walls of the castle seemed to be constructed of coral, their beauty and air of frailty masking their true strength. Only here could such a structure stand.

Two dolphins swimming 
along the ocean floor We were told that Queen Llewella was waiting for us. As we were escorted into the throne room, I could see two dolphins swimming in the waters above. The room was lit by orbs, and my gaze was drawn to the beautiful woman seated before us.

She was enthroned on a giant clam shell with her long green hair flowing behind her. Her gown was a shimmering blue-green that seemed to be made of tiny flecks of glass. She wore a silver tiara encrusted with pearls, and she was delicately ornamented with a necklace, rings, and anklet. As I followed her shapely form to the floor, I could see that she too, was barefoot. In truth, she was more beautiful, and appeared more delicate, than any Trump could have ever portrayed....

       -- Talia Bacquillinor, on the occasion of her first visit to the Courts of Rebma.
Government Type:
Formerly a principality, Rebma became a Monarchy 100 years ago.
Current Ruler:
Queen Lorian
Until recently, Rebma had no need of an organized military. Those Rebmans that wished to serve in the military were assigned to various Amber warships, and many of them fought in Patternfall as part of Amber's Navy. Soon after Random took the throne in Amber, however, Moire had ships built purely for Rebma's use. This was primarily at Llewella's instigation, and once she became Queen of Rebma one of the first things Llewella did was to create the Rebman Navy. She commissioned more ships and gathered crews to man them. Stefan was placed in charge of this, although there is a rumor that he was Llewella's second choice after Clarissa, who refused the position. The fleet of Rebma consists of:

8 small ships (generally used for shipping and transportation)
5 mid-sized ships (the first warships built)

Additionally, there was a Galleon, the Clytemnestra, which was destroyed by Bleys shortly after its completion. While Rebma's Navy may not be very large, the skills of its sailors more than makes up for this.
Residents of Note: The Sordid History of Rebma:
Rebma is a principality that was turned into a kingdom 100 years ago by Oberon. The first rulers of Rebma, Merwyn and Moins, were originally from the Golden Circle Shadow Antilles. Merwyn hailed from the surface dwellers there, while Moins came from the seafolk. Merwyn was an admiral in Oberon's navy, and after many years Oberon rewarded him with the rulership of Rebma, ostensibly for his service to Amber. In reality, it is likely that Oberon had already begun sleeping with Moins at this point, and gave Merwyn Rebma as a way to keep Moins closer to him.

Merwyn and Moins ruled for several years, and Moins gave birth to two daughters, first to Moire, and then, six years later, to Llewella. It's rumored that with the birth of Llewella, questions arose because Merwyn was off at sea when she was probably conceived. After Merwyn began questioning the legitimacy of the birth, he was sent off on a mission by Oberon and didn't return. Moire was 7 or 8 at the time, Llewella only 2. After Merwyn's death, Moins ruled Rebma until Moire was 18, then abdicated to her. This was around the time that Corwin left Amber for Avalon.

Moire had a long term relationship with a Rebman named Morgan, and eventually conceived Morganthë. Moire and Morgan married, but he died soon afterwards in an accident, before Morganthë was born. There had been talk of him becoming King, and he often spoke of an independent Rebma, so some suspect that Oberon may have had him killed. Others whisper that Llewella was responsible, due to her hatred of Morgan's patriarchal attitudes.

After Morgan's death, Moire didn't remarry and raised Morganthë alone. She began to turn to Amber for support over the following years, however, and many people believed a marriage between Moire and Eric would be advantageous.

Morganthë grew up to be a lovely girl, and both her mother and Llewella were close to her. When Morganthë was 17, Random showed up in Rebma to hide from a screw-up somewhere. He seduced Morganthë and got her pregnant before heading back for the surface. Whenever someone tried to officially notify Random of this, he conveniently couldn't be found. Even Oberon did nothing, although he claimed Random would be punished. Morganthë was heartbroken by this rejection. After giving birth to Martin, she went to the steps that lead to Tir-na Nog'th, saw Amber and Rebma laid out before her, and jumped to her death. Moire and Llewella were furious and Random was declared a criminal, subject to execution should he ever set foot in Rebma again.

Once Oberon vanished and Eric became Regent, it was known that Moire and Eric were sleeping together. Torrence was conceived from this relationship and given to a noblewoman named Cordelia to raise. Cordelia is also the mother of Stefan, who later became the head of Rebma's Navy and Lorian's husband. As time passed, Eric became more distant from Moire, and Caine began acting as a go-between for them. Moire slept with Caine and learned that Eric was married and had a son. Corwin returned at this point and came to Rebma with Random. Moire was going to kill Random, but he claimed he could help her get Eric if she let him live. Moire told him to fake Lenore and Jaysen's deaths. In exchange, she allowed him live and gave him Vialle as a servant. Moire then slept with Corwin as further revenge on Eric, and conceived Lorian.

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