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"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." -- David Russell

Lorian's history actually begins before she was even born. Her mother, Moire, was Eric's lover for many years, and had even given him a son, Torrence. Moire believed that Eric would eventually marry her, and they would rule Amber and Rebma together. When Eric began to become more distant from her, Moire turned to Caine, who was acting as Eric's go-between. After sleeping with Moire a few times, Caine revealed that Eric had a wife and son that he had not told Moire about. It was shortly after this that Corwin and Random came to Rebma seeking permission for Corwin to walk the Rebman Pattern to cure his amnesia. Moire wanted to execute Random for what he did to Moire's daughter, Morganthë, years earlier, but Random claimed he could help Moire get back at Eric. He agreed to help fake the deaths of Lenore and Jaysen, Eric's wife and son, when the opportunity arouse. In exchange, Moire allowed him live and gave him Vialle as a servant. Moire then slept with Corwin as further revenge on Eric, and Lorian was conceived that night.

Corwin never returned to Rebma, and Moire never told him that he had a daughter, in part because she was afraid of what Eric might do if he learned that Lorian was Corwin's child. Also because of this fear, Moire sent the infant off to a Golden Circle Shadow called Antilles with her grandmother, Moins. Lorian spent the first four years of her life there, raised by Moins and a Rebman merchant family who lived there. During this time, she was occasionally brought back to Rebma on holidays, although never for very long.

When Lorian was three, Eric attempted to bring his wife and son to Amber via ship. Moire learned of this and conspired with Random to prevent this. Moire used magic to call up a storm to sink the ship, while Random arranged for Lenore and Jaysen to be imprisoned near Chaos. Random then killed the contact with whom he had made the arrangements, leaving himself and Moire the only ones who knew that Lenore and Jaysen were still alive and where they were.

When Lorian was four, the Patternfall war broke out, and Lorian was brought back to Rebma for safety. She spent the next four years in Rebma under the care of Moins and Moire, where she was known as Moire's daughter. No mention was made of Corwin, since he was not well regarded in Rebma. The only Amberites regarded worse, in fact, were Oberon and Random, the latter being considered worst of all. Lorian was told of her relationship to Torrence soon after she came to Rebma, but was strictly instructed not to reveal this to him if they should meet, Torrence being under the impression that he was the son of Eric and Cordelia, not Moire. There was little chance of Lorian revealing any of this, however, since Eric brought Torrence to Amber not long thereafter, and Torrence then departed into Shadow. Eric's death came but a few months later, followed by the return of Oberon and the departure of Amber's forces for Chaos. Gérard remained in Amber as regent, with Clarissa put in charge of the military forces remaining to defend Amber. During the war, most of Rebma's men were sent off to fight for Amber, and the storms raging above made everything feel oppressive, but otherwise the city was untouched.

The Chaos forces attacking Amber finally withdrew when Lorian was eight, and she was allowed to visit Amber for the first time. She was introduced Gérard, but even to him, she was only known as Moire's daughter, not Corwin's. Once Moire was convinced that things were safe in the Golden Circle again, she had Moins bring Lorian back to Antilles and her foster family there. In Antilles, Lorian received a formal education from Moins, but also a practical one from her foster family, learning knots, how to read the weather, and a general knowledge of sailing.

Lorian put her sailing knowledge to use when she ran away at age 11, disguised herself as a boy, and signed onto one of Caine's ships, going by the name of Lorance. She passed two years in this fashion, rising through the ranks from cabin boy to the crew to general sailor. During this time, her ship spent much of its time running interference for Caine and smuggling cargo underneath the hull. When Lorian was 13, Caine took personal command of the ship, bringing them into contact for the first time. During one of his trips ashore in Antilles, he paid his respects to Moins and then brought her briefly back to the ship. It was after this visit that Caine began paying more attention to Lorian and giving her various tasks to test her. Caine spent a year compiling gold, etc., often sinking his ships to hide his treasure. At the end of the year, Random made his return from Chaos, and Caine decided to make a run for the Jewel of Judgment. Realizing how dangerous this would be, he put off most of his crew, including Lorian, in Antilles. Lorian spent a week gambling with the other sailors before Moins arrived and dragged her back to Rebma, thus ending her time in Caine's service.

Once Lorian arrived in Rebma, Moire and Llewella proceeded to lecture her at length on her behavior, spending the next two years trying to teach her to be a lady. She learned music, poetry, how to dance, sing, dress, walk, etc. Llewella and Moins often disagreed about how Lorian should be raised, Llewella being of the opinion that Moins was spoiling her, Moins believing that Llewella was pushing her too hard.

At 15, Lorian was finally allowed to return to Antilles, and was given her own small ship to command by Moins. Lorian hired a crew of six and used her ship to do trade runs for her foster family. Moire also began instructing Lorian in conjuration and sorcery, and took her to Chaos for the first time to visit Jaysen and Lenore. It turns out that Moire had developed a liking for the imprisoned pair over the years, and visited them often. Not to be outdone, Llewella taught Lorian sorcery as well, dealing more in the more academic, less glamorous applications of magic. She also began to teach Lorian about the Pattern, something she repeatedly pointed out that Moire couldn't do. Moire and Moins both feared the Pattern, but Moire was also envious of the power it granted. To give Lorian experience with more advanced worlds, Llewella brought Lorian to Aquilla. Lorian spent a year and a half there, learning the technology and political situation, while only eight months passed in Amber.

When Lorian was 18, Moire became very sick shortly after one of her trips to Chaos. It was believed that she would die, so Lorian returned to Rebma to be with her. Much to everyone's surprise, Moire eventually recovered, although she was a little off afterwards. It was thought that her illness had to do with spending so much time in Chaos. During Moire's illness, Lorian was introduced to Martin, who had resurfaced in Rebma at the time. Lorian found him acutely paranoid, but naive, often paranoid about things he shouldn't be paranoid about, but nice otherwise. They frequently went sailing together, and at one point he brought her to a club he played at in Tendoxin. While there, he explained his past to her, and revealed that he knew about Jaysen but had never been to see him, mainly because he didn't want to go to Chaos. During their time together, Martin also drew a Trump of Lorian and gave her one of him.

Halfway through Lorian's 19th year, Vialle became pregnant, thus cementing Random's position as King by providing him with an heir. When it became obvious that Random's rule was no longer likely to be a temporary thing, Llewella informed Lorian that it was time for her to walk the Pattern. Llewella and Moire feared that Random would soon notice her, and they were not certain how he would react once he learned who she was. Since he might kill her, she had to leave Rebma for her own safety. Moire simply told Lorian to be careful, while Llewella instructed her to hone her abilities while out in Shadow, so she could gain her rightful place when she returned. Llewella warned that improperly prepared Amberites get mulched, like Martin, Jaysen, and Deirdre's daughter. Llewella also gave Lorian a seashell that she could use to talk to Llewella by filling it with water and casting a spell upon it.

After successfully walking the Pattern in Rebma, Lorian spent some time traveling with Martin and sailing with Caine and Gérard in the outer Golden Circle. She also visited Jaysen three times, and learned about the customs and safe places of Chaos from the Chaosian Duke who controlled the Shadow. Twelve years passed in Amber during this time, during which Lorian was allowed to occasionally visit Rebma, but always secretively. On one of her visits home, she learned that Caine had a falling out with Amber after his failed attempt to steal the Jewel of Judgment. Gérard told her that it had something to do with what Eric was doing with the Jewel before he died. All Caine would say was that Random was an ungrateful asshole. Towards the end of Lorian's 12 years away, Random went to Chaos, fighting Finndo while trying to save Benedict. In his absence, Arthur served as Regent, a position he was appointed to by Oberon himself, during a rather brief appearance of the first King. When Arthur became Regent, Flora encouraged Moire to put Torrence on the throne instead. Unfortunately for Moire, this attempt failed, in part due to Flora's betrayal. As punishment, Arthur removed Moire from the Rebman throne and imprisoned her in an underwater bubble. Llewella was named the new Queen of Rebma.

Not long into Llewella's reign, she contacted Lorian and informed her that it was time to come home, claiming that she had foreseen Random's downfall and the time was now. As Lorian began her journey home, she experienced a strong feeling of dread, followed by an increased difficulty in shifting Shadow. Upon her arrival in Rebma, she learned that Ariel, Bleys' daughter, had been killed by Random at the same time as the feeling of dread occurred. There followed a vicious war between Bleys and Random, which ended with the deaths of Vialle, her two children, and finally Random, at the hands of Bleys and Caliban, both of whom disappeared from Amber. Arthur was named the new King upon Random's death, chosen by Random in his dying moments.

Lorian is currently dealing with the stirrings of unrest in Rebma, and has begun the rather awkward experience of getting to know her father for the first time.

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

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