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Session 80

"I figure Kaedric is going to use the sword for something. Unless he's is going to cut my vocal chords, I'm cool with it." -- Claudio to GM

"We try not to remember that incident." -- Kris
"Sometimes, I don't even have to try." -- Wendi

"I'm going to cold-cock (Archi). Maybe he'll be someone different when he wakes up." -- Killian to GM

"I don't drink, see." -- Some tanner to Ragnar
"Now you know he's lying." -- Kris

"You are going out to open sea in a rowboat...which is attached many rowboats containing dogs." -- GM to Killian

"Who the hell is Killian?" -- Archi
"Your soulmate." -- Random
"What?!?!" -- Archi

"So, you're stranded." -- GM
"No, I just don't know where I am, and I'm in the middle of the ocean." -- Killian

"My name's Laughter." -- Laughter
"You're kidding, right?" -- Archi

"I hate these walks up the stairs. They make you say a lot of stupid things. Well, you meaning me." -- Laughter to Killian

"(Archi) does not seem very bright." -- Killian to Laughter
"Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?" -- Wendi

"(Archi) stuck his sword into a spell that was holding Bleys captive." -- Laughter
"I fail to see the wisdom in this move." -- Killian

"It was just a peculiarity of my personality." -- Laughter
"One of them, anyway." -- Killian

Session 81

"I'm going to try doing something with my mind that I've never done before." -- Claudio to GM
"Think?" -- Kris

"Dude, you must chill. We're not doing that." -- Mok to Dworkin, after realizing that Dworkin desires the horses

"My wife, she can only have sex every 7,000 years." -- Dworkin
"That's one heck of a dry spell." -- Mok

"When I tried my hovercycle, and that crashed, I knew that was bad." -- Mok to GM

"Why don't we just walk?" -- Ulysses
"My knees hurt." -- Mok

"I've got a problem." -- Mok
"Really, what is it?" -- Random
"Dworkin's in my head." -- Mok
"Do you mind keeping him there?" -- Random

"And then on to the Plane of Trump. Where we'll no doubt find some nemesis." -- Mok to GM

"I've got high warfare, right? I can dodge steak." -- Mok to GM

"I don't think you understand how rewriting the laws of the universe works." -- Dworkin to Claudio

"I've been thinking, Dworkin." -- Mok
"Really? I hadn't noticed." -- Dworkin

Session 82

"So breathe fire on (the dolphin). Oh, right, it's underwater." -- Chris to Jason

"Well, I used to be able to make pretty good booms." -- Mok, discussing magic
"I'm happy for you." -- Dworkin

"By the way, I tried to save you from your horrible fate, but then monsters came out." -- Mok to Melanie

"When did this start happening?" -- Claudio
"Last year." -- Castellan Lebbick
"I wonder how long ago that was?" -- Mok

"That's true, (Amber) has an army, and we never use it." -- Shade to the group

"If this weren't plot, it wouldn't be happening." -- GM to the group

"Ghosts and Shadows"
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