Ugh.  How much longer is life going to suck?  At least I'm not
melting anymore.  Not that you can tell, as I could almost pass as the
Transparent Man, if I wanted to.  S'what you get for sticking your dick in
a one-horned equine, I guess.

	Trump is coned, I'm not living Trump right now, and the world has
gone to pot.  Fiona's gone, Bleys is gone, Chaos is at war, Archi doesn't
remember Laughter, and other zany hilarity.  I think Pattern is still in
flux, which makes me about as useful as a well hung man at a lesbian

	I look all flabby, too.  Spend three days in a tub full of ice,
and see how you feel.  At least shrinkage is temporary.  This sucks.

	And the Unicorn didn't even call.  Never expected the Lady of
Primal Reality to be the type to H&D.  Sheesh.  Not only that, but it
looks like she has some kind of STD, because I'm just not right.  I just
ignore it, and hope it goes away.  Stupid glowing.

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