"You wanna throw down right now?"  Heh.  I either get her, and get
her, or I don't get her, and get to look like the Sexual Master.  I got
her.  Man, that's a kiss.  Makes me wonder what else she could do with
that mouth.  Or with other parts of her.  *shiver*

	Now, did I scam on Fiona, or was she so schmoove, that she scammed
on me, and played it off as me scamming her?  Either way, I win, but do I
really want to consider the implications of Fiona scamming on me?  I mean,
most of the Universe holds Flora up as the ultimate in woman, but not only
is she empty in the noggin, but she's my mother.  I mean, come on.  I draw
the line at that, I think.  It's never really come up.  Heh.

	But Fiona, there's everything.  Beauty, brains, you name it.  I
should go to Laughter, and say: "I've kissed your mom, your daughter, and
what we thought was your sister.  It's your turn."  Heh.  Not until I get
back to being immortal, though.  Archi would not see the humor, I think. 
Never does.  Poor guy.  Like the shards of the Jewel mortally wounded his
sense of humor.

	Anyway, we're tooling around this Shadow, looking for a way home. 
We discover that there are seven people who could possibly help us get out
of here.  They seem to be living embodiments of aspects of reality. 
Death, Time, War, Good, Evil...  Whatever.  Just get me home, Fiona's got
me juiced up, and Beauty's far away.

	Right.  We summon Death, although not in the subtlest of ways.  He
gets his buddy, Time, to take us back to the point at which we came into
this Shadow, so we could walk back though the barrier.  Which we did. 
Though we're still trapped.  We kept going, and found yet another goofball

	We need a way out.  This is just silly.  No Trump, but sorcery and
Conjuration work.  Pattern is no help, since we'd be back home by now if
it were.  What to do?

	Get back to the barrier, for starters.  We should be able to tear
a hole in it, or something.  Can't we find a Shadow of the/a broken Jewel? 
Fix/create/something to a broken Pattern?  Where did those people from the
broken Pattern Dukedom go?  Maybe Fiona can rig up a spell to track them. 
Trouble is doing it across Shadow.  Grr.

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