I think I may have gone too far.  But I got caught up in all the
hubbub, and I was still pissed at what Archi did.  Oriana calls him
poo-poo, because she can't say much.  I leaf through the Trump, and say
people's names, and usually she just smiles at them.  In some cases, I try
to get her to say Aunt, or Uncle, or whatever.  Flora is ga-ma, obviously. 
And Laughter is na-na, since ga-ma was taken.  Archimedes is something
little kids don't even think is funny to try and say.  So, I tried
Grandpa.  Nope.  Too much like ga-ma.  So, I try pa-pa, since I'm da-da. 
Only, she spits out poo-poo, and I laugh so hard, she thinks she got it
right.  Damn kids.  So, Claudio comes to chase after Sky, which I told him
I'd help him do, once things settled down.  I figured, it'd be a nice
vacation for Beauty, to go off to another universe.  Not much vacation if
you gotta take the kid, right?  Right.  So, I ask Laughter to watch her
grand-foster-daughter for a few days, which she agrees to.

	So, I drop Oriana off, and Laughter has her hands full.  I give
her to Archi, and seeing the green-haired wonder in person for the first
time in a while, she happily exclaims, "poo-poo!".  Now, just like I did,
Laughter finds this humorous, further entrenching the name in Ori's mind. 
*sigh* We go on the vacation.

	We find Sky, and I get her to agree not to kill Claudio on sight,
so they can talk things out.  I get Claudio, and Beauty and I make for the
scenic places, and on the way out, we pass a small child.  Blueish-black
hair, running down the hall yelling, "Mommy!".  Beauty and I decided to
stay nearby, in case things got un-pretty.

	And they did, sort of.  It turns out that Corwin and Sky have been
knocking boots for years, and that kid was theirs.  But, Claudio's little
Jungle Fever had it's own fruit.  Isaac.  *sigh*  I'm running a distant 3rd
in the Fatherhood Derby now.  Anyway, Claudio lets Isaac decide if he'd
rather go with him, or stay with Corwin and Sky.  Tough call.  Claudio
goes back, and we continue the vacation.  It was nice.  A few days in some
pretty places, without having to worry about being Trumped, or having to
save anyone, and stuff like that.

	We get home, and go to pick up the kid, and she sees me, opens her
arms wide, and exclaims, "Shithead!".  Laughter is appalled, I'm not
thrilled, and I lost it.  Again.  Though instead of jumping up and down on
a flaming head, I just plotted evil revenge.  I fed the twins squash,
which reeks in a diaper.  When it was through the chute, I did a little
Trump hand waving, and showed the Ex-Bossman what it was like to carry a
load once again.  He tried to run, but I wanted him to enjoy the moment. 
Then I let him go.  He refused to talk to Laughter, and I forced the
Trump, since it's not her he was mad at.  Then, he took off.  He must have
come back that night, because Laughter Trumped me bemoaning the fact that
he wouldn't have sex with her.  Again, I reacted knee-jerk, at his
instance to take this out on her, when it's me he's pissed at.

	And I regret it.  At the time, it seems fair enough to play with
his mind, after he played with Ori's, but I did a little more than teach
him a word.  Granted, it's not like I made him kill a village of
Vietnamese women and children, but still.  Although I think he
over-reacted a bit.

	I suppose it's not fair for me to assume this, but I wish Archi
would realize that there are a few things that I don't kid around about. 
Raising my child is one of them.  I don't want her to end up like me, who
wasted how many years as a womanizing, irresponsible, sleazebag?  I made
so many mistakes, and such, that I'm actually trying to get this right
now.  And teaching her to call me shithead isn't the way to do it.  I
mean, how many kids of mine are out there?  How many women's lives did I
wreck, with my selfishness?

	Oh well.  I'll apologize, and straighten out the story on how he
became poo-poo, and see if we can't fix things.  We should, he owes me his
life, at least once.

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