It's so easy to kill, isn't it Caitlin?  I wonder if you'll be
able to work out peaceful solutions in the future, or will you fall prey
to the bloodlust, like I almost did?  And I didn't even start out the
aggressor.  I just got tired of Finndo and everybody else hurting us, in
one way or another.  Kidnap Laughter, slit Random's throat, and so on.  It
took a while to pull myself back together, after that.  And Caitlin was
like "Just help me kill her, no big deal."  Sheesh.  By that logic, half
the family would be dead at Benedict's hand.  You can't just go killing
people because they might be a threat later.  No, I'm not shedding any
tears for Cymnea, but I don't think hunting down our future enemies is the
way to go.  We're all more powerful than we were the first time, and we
know pretty well who's motivations are what for their actions.  Things
have changed enough that they won't go exactly the same, what with Cymnea
now dead, and Orrin understanding us, at least.  Not to mention Kaedric
and Melanie's rise to power.  But we know who hates us, and how best to
stop them.  That should be plenty.

	And you also can't be a devout moron, Archi.  I mean, you knew the
spell had been frotzed, right?  Yet you went on, a mild Pattern adept in
the land of the Logrus.  I'm amazed Laughter could even watch.  I'm also
amazed I didn't bring you back sooner.  I guess the years of being your
Lord High Chancellor trained me into letting your stupidity go.  Well, no
more.  I don't have to take orders from you now, and I'm certainly not
going to let you hurt Laughter like that again.  I may not know how I'm
going to protect you, but I'm certainly going to try.  Maybe get Laughter
to cast a spell that lets me spy on you at will.  I'm sure she'd be up for
it, but I doubt her ability to keep it secret from you.  *shrug* I'm sure
I'll think of something.  Staples in your chest, indeed.  It's a sad state
when your wife has to come to me for comfort.

	Well, I think it might be time to spend some actual time with
Beauty and Oriana.  We still have the problem of how to explain them to
the family at large.  Of course, I could just ditch the 'irresponsible
slut' sham, but I don't want to tip hands.  Though if Bleys and/or Fiona
knows, then it may be pointless.  And one of them has to know I'm a living
Trump.  *shrug* Then there's the arrival of the Taormin.  Only it has this
time's Kaedric AND Delwin in it.  Can you say, Trump envelope?  I thought
you could, boys and girls.

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