Well, that's over.  And I must say, that it could have gone worse. 
We won a handful of individual titles, and the group free-for-all, which
got us a fairly large ways in Chaos.  Of course, what do we do with it?  A
question for another time, I think.

	I probably could have won the Shadow race, but I think it would
have led on to more than I'm prepared to tip.  I'm sure that with any
amount of advanced Pattern tricks, I could have made what's-her-name's
life hard, but for what purpose?  Well, it would have silenced her stupid
flirting at the end, anyway.  Follow the Jezetti, indeed.  Maybe if I
could convince Beauty to take a different form every few days, people
would think I was still the slut gigolo-type.  :) At least I still have
her, unlike Claudio and Sky.  And they say ignorance is bliss.

	The wrestling was fun.  Although I may have lost the secret of my
invulnerability.  Hopefully not, but you never know who is watching. 
Stupid git, that guy was, anyway.  Eye gouge indeed.  Ah, well.

	Could Kaedric have possibly mellowed Melanie out?  She actually
looked like she was having fun at the free-for-all.  And it was her idea
to make us invisible, so we could freely Trump around to grab all the
flags.  Not sporting, really, but that's not my problem.

	Kaedric wants to give me the Taormin back.  Only this time, it'll
have the current him AND Delwin in it.  Okie.  Although that puts a bit of
pressure on me, as far as helping keep this timeline from turning into the
old one.  I don't think I'll try to tap its powers, unless it's a
butt-large-emergency, since it'll be easier to find if it's used.  We'll
just stick it in a Trump Envelope.  And we'll change Eudoxus to affect
Brand as well as his descendants, to hinder any attempts he might make on
it.  Of course, keeping it away from Abigail is key.

	Which brings me to another point.  I wonder if Merlin would be
able to help shore up Inter-Shadow, to prevent Abigail from ever getting
access to it.  Sandr certainly won't be recreating Eddie, which can't
hurt.  I don't know if Ghostwheel should be recreated, though.  We'll talk
about it another time.

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