Well, I continue to kick butt in this tournament thing.  I might
even win.  Of course, the jury is out on whether or not that's a good
idea.  I don't think there's any great revelation in winning the wrasslin'
part, but I'm not sure I want to win the Shadow shifting event.  Although
maybe I could cover it with claims of experience gained in years of Shadow
wandering.  I haven't used anything other than what a basic Pattern
initiate would be able to do, either.  So, maybe I'll talk to Archi.

	And then there's this Sylvester dude.  At first I thought that
Sylvie had come back with us, and was watching after me.  Then, after I
won, and had a chance to think about the ramifications of her being back
and all, I realized something.  Sylvie is short for Sylvester.  What I
don't get is the House Vertix thing.  Well, not really.  I mean, House
Vertix is the spy house, and Sylvie ended up being a big ol' spy, turning
on us and all.

	That just means that in five years, I get to play stupid, and then
watch that son of a bitch like a big ass hawk.  Because if he/she did snow
me, I'm not gonna let it happen again.

	Of course, the big ass cat, and the name Sylvester, could just be
a coincidence.  And I could be King of all Reality.

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