Well, the tournament thing is happening.  I kind of expected
something a little different.  Oh well.  How fair is it to have a demon
form round, when they know damn well we don't have demon forms?  And what
kind of pansy dude just gives up at the threat of being tossed into the
Abyss?  Sheesh.  Not to mention he gives up after just a bulldog.  I mean,
what a wuss.  It's not like I jackknifed him, or anything.

	And then there's Caitlin.  Taking the top of Orrin's head off was
probably unwise.  It's probably her mom's influence.  Orrin is just going
to be more intent on giving us a hard time, now.  If you're going to
ignore Dworkin, then kill him.  Don't play games.

	Tomorrow is more wrasslin'.  Maybe the competition will be stiffer.

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