This is getting boring.  Here I am, back seven years in the past,
and I can't let anyone know what I can do.  Laughter and Archi are busy,
Caitlin's off with her parents, Sylvie isn't here (even though she turned
traitor in the end, the bitch), and I've got to keep up this 'slut fop'
image.  *sigh*  At least Beauty and Oriana are here.  Even if I can't bring
them around Amber, for fear of letting people know something is strange at
the Circle K.

	There was the brief bit with Dworkin and the old Jewel.  I wonder
what he wants with it?  How cool would it be to put it back together, and
give it back to the Serpent?  I bet he'd dig that.  Of course, that would
probably just invite the pooh-head Chaosites to steal it, for their own
use, just like last time.

	Well, there's this tournament in Chaos.  I suppose I should act
all disgusted by the nasty, icky demons.  Oh well.  I'll go in, and whup
some butt in wrestling, and then do this Shadow shifting race, or whatever
it is.  How bad could it be, anyway?

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