This is getting to be annoying.  I can't use my skills in the
open, for fear of revealing what happened.  Someone is bound to notice
that Archi is carrying around the Jewel at all, and raise an eyebrow. 
Laughter is bound to slip and tell someone she shouldn't.  Maybe I can
hide myself even amongst their revelations.

	And then there's the whole deal with Dworkin and his rat-dog.  I
mean, really.  If you wanted us to give you the pieces of the totally
non-functional Jewel, we'd have done it.  But no, you have to send this
rat-dog thing out to try and get the pieces.  And it's so stupid, it can't
even communicate to us that's what it wants.  It just kept cooing 'Hoo'
when it saw the Jewel.  First 'Booty' then 'Hoo.' Sheesh.  Give the thing
some vocal chords, Dworkin.

	What to do?  Maybe I should go find Orrin, and befriend him, as
Dworkin suggested.  At least it would give me something to do.  I
certainly can't hang around Amber, pretending to be the whore fop my
mother and everyone else expects to see.  It might do Beauty good to have
a vacation, too.  She hasn't said anything about leaving Eudoxus, but
she'll get restless someday, I'll bet.  I'm certain that Fiona won't be
keen on her slut nephew consorting with her young granddaughter, seeing as
last time she checked, said granddaughter was less than two.  *sigh*

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