Well, that was quite the surprise.  Here I figured I'd be able to
pick up Caitlin, and have a little fun, to keep up with the image.  Of
course, this thinking was intermingled with visits from this
rat-dog-looking thing.  First time, I'm looking for Flora.  It just
lumbers around the corner and says, "Booty."  Now, I swing both ways and
all, but I don't think Rat-Dog could have done me justice.  So, I Trump
past, and keep going.

	Leaving Flora's room, same deal.  Same stunt, and I get away.  The
thing tracks me down later, still saying, "Booty."  It makes like it wants
me to follow it.  This is some kind of joke, right?  I follow it, and I
get my picture taken with this rat-dog, and there's a big laugh.  Well,
since I'm seven years practice on whoever it is, I follow the dog.

	The rat-dog shifts Shadow.  Un-good.  To a less than erotic place,
I might add.  This ratty old castle, all decked in prickers and vines and
shit.  Which is oddly reminiscent of something, which I can't quite
pinpoint.  The rat-dog points at the castle, and says, "Booty," one more
time.  I can't Trump in, so I try to hack my way in.  Slow going, and I'd
be sad were I not indestructible, but I manage to get in.  Looks like the
place hasn't been used in, like, a hundred years.

	Wait a minute.  *look up*  Tower?  Oh, kee-rist.  I'm in a 100-year
untouched, vine-covered, tower-having castle, to which I was led by the
rat-dog who kept saying, "Booty."  How storybook.  I go up to the top of
the tower, and sure enough, there's Beauty and Oriana.  I clear the dust
off, and wake them up.

	We return to Eudoxus, and now I need to figure out what to do with
them.  I can't very well break the image of me, by showing Amber a
companion and child.  Of course, I haven't asked Beauty if she'd mind not
showing up in Amber, and announcing who she is, and who Oriana is. 
Hopefully, it won't be an argument.  It's not like Laughter can't get in
to visit, or anything.

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