Well, the universe is safe.  Archi helped redraw the Chaos
Patterns, and I destroyed the Atherton Pattern.  Archi's tired, I'm tired,
Perseus is tired, and we're taking a nap.  Not together, of course.  That
would be sick.

	Being immortal, and having the easiest job of the three, I was
back to normal first.  So, it came to me, as Lord High Chancellor, to run
the country while Archi was incapacitated.  It bit.  But then, I knew it
would.  Although it bit more, since I didn't have any real power, I was
just kind of there.  And that stick-in-the-mud Bill wouldn't let me
declare Wednesdays "Ulysses cannot be interrupted before Breakfast" days. 
Like anyone would notice it wasn't REALLY Archi's signature on the decree. 

	So, Archi wakes up, and I'm out of there.  Didn't let the door hit
me in the ass on the way out, neither.  I spend some time with the family,
which is cool.  Then, Archi Trumps me asking me to Trump Caitlin, but it's
being blocked.  Then, like I'm not good enough, or maybe because I
paralyzed almost the entire place so Archi could kill the Jezetti, Aelle
has the cojones to ask Kaedric to help her find Caitlin.  Well, fine,
then.  I'll just hang around here, and when you DO need my help, I'll be
eating breakfast on Wednesday.  Nyah.

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