Where would you rather be?
Anywhere but here.

			RUSH, Double Agent

	Things look grim.  In less than a day, I'm going to sentence my
cousin to what seems certain death.  And there isn't anything I can do
about it.  I could leave, but then who would protect Archi and Amber? 
Nobody.  So I must remain as Lord High Chancellor, no matter how unsavory
this task is.

	I vowed that nobody would take the happiness away again.  Now,
it's me that is doing it.  Maybe I should set myself on fire, and jump up
and down on my head.  Heh.

	You'd think Archi would learn.  I mean, riding out ALONE to meet
the Chaos Delegation.  Not only is it crappy protocol, it's dangerous. 
So, I go out there con guards, and we escort the group in.  Joy.

	At least Amblerash and Helgram were reasonable.  With the
non-aggression treaty, we can go ahead with saving Dworkin and the

	The Trial.  The main of Sandr's case was that he wasn't willing. 
Sadly, according to the Wickling consultant, that doesn't matter.  So, to
uphold the law, I have to allow the challenge to continue.  The walk is
set for the noon after the repair of the Primal Pattern.

	That went well, surprisingly.  I also didn't expect Lisandra and
Perseus to allow me to destroy the Atherton Pattern, but who am I to
refuse?  An interesting feeling.  I would imagine that it would have been
different were I not a living Trump, but hey.

	And then comes the walk.  If it were possible for the Primal
Pattern to be outdone in splendor and awe-inspiring feel, this does it. 
Something about the flame.  Sandr started walking, and nothing was amiss. 
When he passed the second veil, I thought he might survive.  But I was
proven wrong, at the Grand Curve, when the flames and sparks swallowed
him, never to be seen again.

	"Do not be dismayed at goodbyes.  A farewell is necessary before
you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is
certain for those who are friends."

	Goodbye, cousin.

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