There is no joy in Mudville.  Guess who gets to sentence Sandr to
death?  That would be me, everybody's favorite Lord High Chancellor.  Joy.

	Granted, he did sleep with Benedict's daughter, which is something
*I* wasn't stupid enough to do.  Plus also, he gets her pregnant, which is
stupid.  Even worse, the kid is too inbred to walk the Pattern.

	Benedict, while he may be a bastard, is a sly bastard.  The
challenge is worded well, so that Sandr cannot escape it.  He did break
his oath, and that's that.  To the Fire Pattern.

	Sandr's never had to face up to his actions before.  Sure, he's
been beaten around, but nobody has ever said: "I'm doing this to teach you
a lesson."  He's never had any respect for anyone, not even himself.  He's
too quick with his mouth, not quick enough with his brain.  He tears into
his friends as easily as his enemies.  I remember the time in Foil, when
he came hobbling in and started chewing me out for becoming a power mad
bastard.  Or shouting at Archi.  Or Fiona, or Tianen, or Melanie.  Or
Brand, or whoever.  Now it's all catching up to him.  And the only one who
would even bother to save him, is the one who's got to kill him.

	Not that I expect Caitlin to lay down on this one, though.  She'll
try to save him, I'd wager.  Something about taking the blame.  My only
response to that, is: he was there.  He didn't HAVE to be there.  If the
Fire Pattern agrees with you, Caitlin, then fine.  But we'll watch him
walk it to see.

	If it weren't for Eve, I wouldn't even be here right now.

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