It's eerie.  Finally, I've got some stretch of time, and nobody is
trying to wreck the universe.  Odd.  Lisandra and I went to talk with the
other two (of three) Heads of House, to discuss the plans for redrawing
the Universes.  They were less thrilled than Perseus was, but they don't
seem to understand that this 'less appetizing' choice is better then the
utter destruction option that is their other choice.

	I grow frustrated with waiting.  I wish Fiona and Mandor could
work faster.  The sooner we can get Atherton set up correctly, the easier
it will be to convince the rest to go along with us.

	Then there's the whole mess with Eve.  There was no Sarah.  Or at
least, she wasn't the person I thought she was.  It was Eve, looking for a
sanctioned way to walk the Pattern.  *sigh* Whatever.  She finally lost
her patience, and walked the Pattern, starting at the bloody spot.  When
she was done, she went after Laughter.  Seems there's this Head of House
thing.  Anyway, we saved Laughter, and Eve split.  Fiona and Benedict are
looking for her.

	Looks like Caitlin's pregnant.  Whoops.  This bodes unwell. 
Benedict will NOT be pleased.  That, my friends and neighbors, is why I
didn't sleep with her.  See, I've been almost killed by Benedict once.  I
didn't need to be killed by Benedict for real.  Oh well.  I suppose
there's a small chance that he won't find out.

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