Where am I?

	It's dark in here.  Cramped, too.  Where am I?  Light.  Prison
cell?  I don't get it.  How did I end up in a prison cell?  More to the
point, I'm going to get out.  Hmm.  I could Trump the light in, but I
can't Trump me out.  Odd.  Of course, that really relates little to the
Pattern, which should bop me right out.  Or not.  Shit, can't Trump, can't
teleport.  Well, there's always the ugly way.

	Hah.  Judging by my dad's current state, you'd more likely guess I
was Gerard's son, rather than Perseus'.  No matter, since the door doesn't
care who my dad was, since it's busy contemplating it's new Zen state of

	Anyway, I'm in this dungeon kind of place.  It stinks, it's cold,
and I'm alone.  And lost, too.  And without Hewitt.  Christ, could life
suck any worse?  I thought not.

	Well, the hall slopes up, I suppose that's a good thing.  It tends
to imply that I'm heading for the surface, and as such, escape.  Wait, I
hear something ahead.  Sounds like.... battle?  Unhappy.  I'll just peer
around the corner, and see what's going on.

	Um, firefights are not good.  Firefights involving me and my pals
are even less so.  Add to that that I'm ENJOYING the firefight, or at
least that's how it looks.  Wait a minute.  That can't be me, since I'm
right here, right?  At least, I think I'm here.  I'll just go down there,
and see what's going on.


	Force Field?  Grand.  So now, I can't ask that bastard who thinks
he's me what's going on.  *sigh* Oh well.  Go back the way I came, I
guess.  Wait, there's a side passage here, that I didn't see before. 
Hmmm.  Another opening?

	It's us again.  I mean, I'm there, and so are most of the family. 
Some faces I don't recognize, but you get the idea.  They're fighting
Brand.  Fighting over that other Jewel.  Hmm.  Well, Brand gets his head
chopped off.  End of battle.  Who is that guy that is playing me?  He's
rather brutal.  Too brutal, actually.  Bloodthirsty, is a better word.


	Thought so.  Oh well.  Turn around again.  Of course, ANOTHER side
passage.  You'd think I was being set up, or something.  Anyway, this time
the window is into some manor.  And sure enough, there I am, happily
butchering hordes of demons.  What the hell is going on?  Laughter, her
kids, Sandr, some babe, Archi, blood, then nothing.  I guess I took them
all home, or something.


	Shoot.  Oh well.  Back again.  I wonder what other crap they're
showing down here.  What's this?  There I am, with Melanie, at the foot of
the Pattern.  Wish there was audio.  *shrug* Looks like the whole family
is there.  Wait, then who's that?  Oh, I get it.  That's some Shadow.  But
why am I holding her over the Pattern?  Or throwing her on it?  Man, who
IS that guy?

	*tap* *tap*

	Hah.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  You don't
catch ME with the same trick 4 times....  Whoooooa!


	Verrrrry funny.  Big old hole in the ground.  But, a living Trump
doesn't hurt his tailbone, so Nyah.

"Hello, Ulysses."

	"Hello.......  Whoever you are."

"Why, I'm you."

	"Um, if you're me, who am I?"

"You're you, too."

	"Right.  And the crack is where?"

"Same old wise-ass self, I see."

	"So we've met?"

"You don't get it, do you?"

	"I get it plenty.  I'm a stud, remember?"

"Of course.  Anyway, it's time to lock you up again."

	"I don't think so."

"Your thinking doesn't matter."

	"I beg to differ."

"So beg, dork.  It won't matter."

	*launch* *tackle*

"That's it, get violent.  That'll solve everything."

	"Shut up."

	*punch* *kick*

"You STILL don't get it.  Christ."

	"Shut up.  Hey!  What's happening?"

"You're merging with me, fool.  What did you expect to happen?"

	"I expected to kick your ass, and go home.  Merging?"

"Yes.  See, since you need it spelled out, we're aspects of your psyche. 
I'm your violent side, and you're the peaceful side.  I spent 40 years
locked in this hell, until you let me out to deal with Finndo.  I'm not
going back."


"You got that right, punk.  So, You've been stuck in our mind, while I've
been free to do what I do best."

	"So that really WAS me in those windows?  Except it wasn't me, it
	was you."

"In a childishly simply way, yes."

	"Right then, so how do I get back in control?"

"Like I'm going to tell you that."

	"Worth a try.  Lessee, I can't fight you, so that's out."

"Well, you CAN fight me.  Actually, I encourage it."

	"Right.  Bite off, plonker."

"No thanks."




	"He meant ME, fool."


		"I mean Ulysses."

	"Come out into the light, I can't see you."

"Shut up, fool.  Not you, Mr. Voice, I meant him shut up."

		"There is no him or you, there is just Ulysses."


	"Oh.....I get it.  Neither of us can exist alone, right?  This is
	some other part of Ulysses trying to get himself back in one
	piece, right?  I think I read this in the HULK once.  Cool."

"No.  I'm not going back in that cell.  I'll kill both your sorry asses,
if I have to."

	"But you CAN'T kill me, fool.  That'd just kill you too.  We need
	to work together, as much as that disgusts me."

"Work with you?  Sissy boy?  Nuh-uh."

	"Quit whining."

	So that was it.  I stopped trying to push the violent side down,
and I woke up in bead with Beauty, sweating.  I guess I've got a lot to
learn about myself.  Like maybe that side of me IS necessary.  Maybe
having it around, will help temper the unbridled rabbit I used to be. 
Well, at least I remember everything that happened just fine.  Maybe I
should go tell Archi.....

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