Wow, you're quite real, aren't you?  It takes reality to throw
people years into the future.  Oooh.  Wow.  Time magic.  Anyone can do
that.  And I will.  And when I get back, we'll test how real you really
are, when you walk the Pattern.  And then the flames will start.  The blue
arcing fire that will slowly engulf your whole existence.  And I'll stand
at the start of the giant painting, crossbow leveled at your manacled
self, watching your powerless ass take step after agonizing step, until
you can't take another step, and your useless body falls into a pile of
ash on that which proves you're nothing.

	But that raises the issue of getting home.  That which is done,
can be undone.  If Dworkin will not assist with turning time magic back
on, or he will not send us home, I will get it done another way.  Don't
doubt my ability, just because you managed to control the time flow in the
Inter-Shadow.  It's a parlor trick, really.

	Time magic.  Alaric turned it off.  Wise choice, actually.  But he
will need to be convinced to turn it back on, for the sole purpose of
sending us home.  They can turn it back off.  Sadly, this time thing
involves research.  The important question is: is this timespace a direct
descendant of my timespace, or is it an offshoot?  If we return, we'll
drastically change the past, if this timespace is a descendant of ours. 
If it's an offshoot, it can continue existing as an alternate time line,
unaffected by our departure.  The offshoot theory would be better to
convince the powers that be here to let us go home, seeing as they're all
for not erasing their existence, however wrong it is for them to exist in
the first place.  If they believe their reality is in no danger from our
return home, our chances seem greater of getting there.

	Unfortunately, this theory suggests that initiating contact with
the natives here is summarily unwise.  It would only serve to hurt them in
the long run.  It's not fair to jump into their lives, after 125 years,
only to leave again so soon.  I'm sorry I had to see Laughter, but her
knowledge of time magic is vital.  She tried to get me to wake Beauty, but
if this is an offshoot timeline, waking her and leaving isn't fair.  It is
this reason that will keep me from seeing my child, as well.

	Sadly, if they still resist our attempts to return, that theory
makes me wary of my original thoughts.  If this is indeed a future that
will be erased if we go back and change the past, I don't need to worry
about the people here.  If they die, they'll be fine when we go back,
since this timespace will not exist.  Granted, then it's far less likely
that the natives will be willing to assist us.  Even though they're not
supposed to exist, I find it hard to begrudge them their desire to remain
so.  Still, this reality, if it isn't an offshoot, should not exist.  And
as such, I will see to it that we get back to fix things.

	So, on one hand, we're likely to face less resistance from the
natives.  On the other, my task is far easier, for I need not hide from
anyone, and I can eliminate those who stand in our way, for they will be
unharmed when we return.  *sigh* The first task at hand it to figure out
which theory is correct.  Then, to convince the parties involved to help,
or to eliminate those who interfere.  Then, finally, to return home. 
Oriana needs her diaper changed.

	Get ready, Abigail, the Pattern awaits.

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