Nobody is going to take the happiness away again.  Not Finndo, not
Brand, not Delwin, not anyone.  I'm going to do everything possible to
keep Archi and his family safe.  So, I decided to mix a little Trump
weaponry with a Trump trap, and *poof* Quarrels of Teleporting Death. 
Archi can keep the bastards away now.  All of them.

	It's not fair.  We all get called back to Amber, and what's
happened since then?  Death.  Tianen tries to kill Random.  War starts,
people die.  We stop Tianen.  Finndo DOES kill Random, and almost kills
Fiona and Bleys.  Another war.  More people die.  I've had enough.  No
more.  If they want to steal our happiness, they die.  Finndo was first,
the rat-bastard that's screwing with Laughter is next.  The Jezetti too. 
Those bitches.  Kidnap Laughter and the kids, try to take the happiness
away, and you die.  Try to kill Archimedes, Abigail, and you die.

	Try to co-opt Brand to help you reclaim the throne you never
should have, Delwin, and you die.

	All of you.  Take warning.  I will not allow you to wreck our
lives any longer.  I will hunt every single one of you down, and break
your necks myself, if I have to.  I have had it up to here with your petty
power games, and it ends now.

	Perseus Atherton, listen well.  Your Pattern will be destroyed. 
We will not tolerate the Badlands, and the destruction that the Eye
universes are causing.  You have an option, however.  We will allow you to
redraw a Pattern with the Jewel, with the assistance of the King, should
you desire.  We will then destroy the current Pattern.  If you don't wish
to redraw your Pattern, then we will destroy the current one anyway.

	Speaking of the King, he scared me the other day.  We were
discussing the Laughter kidnapping, and I suggested that we stop whoever
is behind it before we try to redraw the Patterns and such.  Having
Laughter kidnapped while we were redrawing Patterns could be bad, I
thought.  IT was then that Archi told me that if that situation arose, he
would forgo Laughter, to save Amber.  I guess he has to, as King and all,
but that doesn't make it any less scary.  I mean, he honestly said that
he'd let his wife die, if he had to.  *shudder*

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