What have I done?  Only now am I beginning to see the
ramifications of my less than chaste lifestyle over the years.  Sarah.  A
daughter of mine, from a Golden Circle Shadow, Assysla.  An extremely
level-headed girl.  She wants to walk the Pattern, and go off into Shadow,
to live the glorious life of an Amberite.  She doesn't begrudge my not
being around, and actually is thankful for what she is.  But not all of
them can be so forgiving.  Life doesn't work like that.  How many children
do I have in Assysla, or in any other Shadow?  How many of them curse me,
lying in bed at night, wondering who their father was?

	No more.  I have come to the realization that I'm in love, and
that the time has come to take a responsibility for my life, and my
actions.  No more of this sleeping with everything.  Just Beauty. 
Apparently she loves me.  And, as far as I can tell, I love her as well. 
So we've decided to make a relationship of it.  No talk of marriage yet,
but then she's always been less impulsive than her mother, and I'm nowhere
near ready for that kind of commitment.

	I'm not even going to go into the Jezetti.  Anyone that stupid
deserves to die.  Though I do feel a bit bad about conning Caitlin like
that.  But she needs to understand that one does not threaten the Royal
Family.  Those who do must be dealt with swiftly and permanently.  Only
then is there a chance that the attacks will cease.  The only plus side to
it is that maybe my treatment of her will convince her that I'm not worth
chasing.  Her affections were about all Beauty was worried about, and
hopefully this will put an end to that.

	Sylvie couldn't find the people who signed the petition.  Not in
any of the GC Shadows.  Fuck.  The cult is still at large, and I don't
have clue one as to who or where they might be.  Argh.

	There was one thing that did come out of the Jezetti incident. 
They wanted to draw a Jewel-Pattern with Caitlin's blood.  Presumably they
did sufficient research to find out that the people involved would be able
to walk such a Pattern, yes?  Why go to all that trouble if the drawer has
no descendants, unless it's blood relations, and not just descendants? 
Taking that as truth, we may be onto a partial solution.  With Hendrake
(Benedict) and Halybard (Maron) Patterns destroyed, that's two of six.  I
can re-draw the Atherton Pattern, using the Jewel, and then the Atherton's
can move into it.  Once they're gone, we can destroy the old Atherton
Pattern.  That would be three.  That would leave Vertix, and two others. 
Halfway there.

	I'll have to contact my father, and let him know.  He doesn't
really have a choice.  We'll ice the Eye-Pattern one way or another, it's
all just a matter of whether they go willingly or not.

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