Sandr got married.  Whatever makes him happy.  Not your
traditional wedding, by any stretch.  More like 'Tron goes to the chapel.' 
But then, that just goes with the newer, crazier Sandr, I guess.

	Archi was being a wad about the whole thing, too.  He's letting
his personal hate for Maron interfere with his duties as King.  It'd be
totally wrong for the King to snub the wedding of one of the princes, even
if the prince if marrying a guy.  I guess Fiona finally talked him into
it, but it took long enough.  Sure, I don't like Maron.  Sure, I don't
want to deal with the fruits that come to court, but life sucks, buy a

	Sandr called a meeting.  He detailed to us his 'State of the
Universe' speech.  Most of the theories are sound, but his solutions are
lacking.  The problem is, he's too narrow- minded to listen to
suggestions.  It's all "Pave the Black Road," or else.

	He's all worried about the houses who have taken up residence in
the new Universes.  Why?  When Chaos attacked us, we beat them down.  Now
that they've attacked us again, this time indirectly by drawing their own
Patterns, we should beat them down again.  Besides, erasing their Patterns
isn't going to kill them, anyway.  If Sylvie and Eve can navigate the
Abyss, then I'll bet that it's a trait of shapeshifters, which almost all
of them are.  So, hosing their Universe will only confuse them, and force
them to go home.  I'll have to look into that, and inform Sandr that he's
panicking over nothing.

	Then there's the whole Caitlin thing.  Jiminy Christmas.  I almost
didn't make it out of her room that night.  I mean, she's a babe and all,
but I'm not sure I can go back to that way of living.  I guess it depends
on how Beauty feels.  I mean, if she loves me, I've never had that before,
and I wouldn't be surprised if I love her, too.  I'm not ready to just
toss that for a few hours with Benedict's daughter.  And then there's
that, too.  I'm not at all sure how he would take it, and I'm certainly
not going to test him for kicks.

	The cultists are being a menace, too.  Sylvie is looking for the
petitioners now, but it will be a bit before she finds them.  In the
meantime, I've got to plan how to get the Eye from House Wickling.

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