Well, I didn't jump up and down on his head, but Brand is still
dead.  Sort of.  His body is all sliced up and buried, even if his soul is
10 feet away from me.  Sand got free, thankfully, and is back in her
Shadow world.

	But things haven't been all roses, either.  The Laughter that came
back, you know, the one with the memory problem?  She was a fake.  She's
just a Shadow, from a place where a Shadow of me knocked her up.  Grand. 
Seems the Fairies set us up.  Their loss.  Or it will be when I'm done
with them.  Anyway, we got the Real Deal back, and she's much less
pregnant.  Or was, when we got her.

	Then there's the Patterns.  They need to go, or "Bad Shit (tm)"
will happen.  I can make it happen, the wise say.  Hoopy.  No time like
the present.

	I wish there were more to say, but there really isn't.  Watching
Brand buy it was too reminiscent of Finndo, and I'm wondering how many
more times we'll go through this.  Maybe things will finally settle down
after we get this Pattern mess straightened out.

	At least there's family.  Beauty, Sylvie, Oriana, and even Tianen,
at times.  It's good to have a little stability in life.  Something to
come home to.

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