Laughter's better, thankfully.  I wonder, though, who cast the
spell in the first place?  There seemed to be no malice involved, for the
spell would have ended normally after the birth.  The only reason I can
see for it would be to have Laughter laid up for the birth.  Mandor?  It
would explain why he "couldn't" dispel it.  But then, wouldn't Fiona have
noticed?  Hmm.

	Claudio is an eager beaver.  He wants to learn everything.  I
should have told him that it would take years to learn everything I know. 
And some of it he'll never learn.  Oh well.  Better to tell him that
you'll try, then to tell him he can't.  He's a belligerent type.  And the
piano wire.  Fairly viscous, he is.  Reminder not to piss him off too bad. 
Especially with that ring.  Good weapon, though.  Point him at an enemy,
tell him that he's been shafted by said enemy, and watch him go to town.

	Cait.  Child of Benedict.  Hot, but way off limits.  I just got
over a bout of Benedictitis, I'm not hip to a relapse.  But she's got a
story to her.  Came from Helene Curtis, or something.  She was delivering
a bunch of crap to a mage, and when she got there, the mage wanted to see
her.  A blond guy comes out, gives her a package, tells her to give it to
the Crown Prince, and that she should get the hell outta Dodge.  The
package is a Trump of Fiona, and a flute.  Blondie looks like..... Jubal. 
Ugh.  I thought he was dead?  Message: Rescue hopeless, watch your back. 
Um, okay.  Turns out that Kalyn was with him.  I don't get it.

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