Well, things aren't nearly as bad as they could be.  Claudio has
realized that he was being used by Abigail, and has taken to our side. 
Archimedes isn't dead.  I've got my power back, for now, and I know who
did it.

	Things are a mess, though.  Claudio is Delwin's son, and Delwin is
a loon on par with Brand, but Brand has Delwin in the Taormin, where
Delwin's sister, Sand, put him.  Sand turned me into a living Trump, just
in case she needed the energy to stop Delwin from getting out.  Melanie
started draining Trump energy from me, then Sand took the energy back, and
pift, I was useless.  But I'm better now.  And I've learned a few things,

	But now, Laughter's gone.  Which means we're going to have to go
find her.  Hopefully, it's not Maron again.  Not that it would surprise
me, mind you, but I'd rather it weren't.

	Then Melanie needs to be dealt with.  One does not steal life from
another, and get away with it.  Maybe I'll just tell Claudio that Melanie
is really Abigail, and let him go nuts.  Claudio.  At least Bill convinced
him that he's not supposed to be king.  Then we'll have to deal with
Brenner, the fool.

	Sand.  Not a bad person, I guess.  Well, she's trying to stop
Brand from freeing Delwin, so she can't be all bad.  I haven't yet met the
guy she's working with, but maybe I should.

	Then there's still all the other Patterns.  Sheesh.  The new
abyssal planes, and all kinds of nasty stuff that is going to happen if
the universes stay around.  Whatever.  I don't know.  There's too much
shit going down right now, so I'm just going to have to take it one step
at a time.

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