Well, things have gotten a little strange.  I talked with
Benedict, and things are square with us now.  Which is good.  I mean, I
was sent to get him back, after all.  Granted, things didn't go ideally. 
I mean, I got to where Benedict was, and it turns out he'd lost his
memory.  All he knew is that there were good guys, and then there were
people not in his army.  He was trying to eradicate the next Pattern in
line, Atherton, simply because he was there, and so was the Pattern.  He
was Trump and Pattern manacled, the former of which caused me some dismay,
when I came in contact with him.

	Note:  A Trump manacle will kill a living Trump, or at least open
him/her up to be killed.  Thus, contact with them should be avoided at all

	Benedict seemed surprised to see me at first, didn't recognize me,
and as such, placed me on the roster of 'people who should be dead.'
Thankfully, I'm a tough nut to crack.  He instead knocked me out, and sent
me off to the bad people.  I woke later, on the wrong side of the nasty
mist.  I encountered Sylvie after some bumbling, who has walked the
Atherton Pattern.  Grand.  We then rescued Tianen, who had been captured
by Benedict as well.  United again, we rethought our plan of attack, and
managed to capture Benedict in a nice Logrus wrap.  We carted him home,
where the Pattern manacle was easily removed by our noble King, and the
Trump manacle was removed by Dworkin, after I had to coerce Tianen into
helping Mandor.  Benedict then walked the Pattern, and got his memory
back, which is good, as I mentioned before, since he doesn't want me dead.

	We did have a nice chat about living Trumps, who had been such,
and how to handle it.  And how a living Trump might be killed.  A good
thing to know, because now I can avoid it.

	I also found out that something is draining the living Trump
energy away from me, and Dworkin (for what it's worth) implied that it was
happening faster than just normal drain.  Which means that someone or
something is doing it, and I need to find out how.  Looks like its more
sack time with Tianen, if I plan on getting her help.  God knows I need

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