Well, I've gone and done it.  I walked the Atherton Pattern, and
I'm still not sure why.  To prove that I didn't need Fiona to get Benedict
back?  To go find my father?  Because I'm stupid?  I don't know.

	Well, I caught up to Tianen.  I wanted to see if she was really
the one who turned me into a living Trump.  She says no, and I sent her
off to talk to Shandril (disguised), to see if she'd tell a different
story to a friend.  Well, she did.  She claims that she doesn't know who
did it, and she was just telling me it was Tianen and Perseus to get me
off her back.  Great.  All I succeeded in doing was adding another
potential lie to the group.  *sigh*

	Sylvie seems done with Cameron.  Good for her.  Men are pigs. 
Look at me.  I just slept with Tianen again.  She wouldn't help me unless
I did, and she's all flaky still from the Logrus.  Sylvie claims that she
tried to kill me while she was wacko, and that means she loves me, since
while you're Logrus mad, you hate what you love, and love what you hate. 
Whatever.  I should check in on Oriana and Beauty.

	Things are just kind of hectic right now.  I'm trying to figure
out how the Pattern lens works in this universe, I've got a new Pattern in
my head, I've got to convince Benedict that coming home would be wise, and
I've got to decide if I want to meet my father.  AND, I've got a still
mildly crazy Logrus master, and my pre-pubescent kid along for the ride. 
You'd think that I was the one who was crazy.  Oh well.

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