Now things are just getting silly.  We tried to have a memorial
for Random, but it was constantly interrupted by hack assassins trying to
kill Archi.  They failed miserably, both times, although I did get Logrus
bound chasing the second assailant.  One looked like Melanie, the other
looked like Maron.  Freaks.

	In any event, nobody died, and Random was put to rest.  Sylvie
decided it would be wise to give Archi and Laughter mutant horse-cat
creatures for the coronation.  *sigh*  Silly girl.

	We had the coronation.  A bunch of leftover fire demons attacked,
but Mok and co. handled them pretty easily.

	One of the six Patterns has been toasted.  Sadly, whichever one it
was seems to have been the one that Benedict was in.  Hopefully, he'll
come out in our universe, but that's not guaranteed.  Fiona is kind of
looking into it.

	I still can't contact my father.  I guess I'm going to have to
walk his Pattern to find him.  I wonder why he's hiding, anyway.

	Oh, did I mention that Fiona and Mandor got kidnapped?  Somehow,
they ended up in Chaos, and where they were, I couldn't Trump them out. 
Oh, well.  We got them out, and all is well.  It's just real confusing, is

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