I don't get a rest, do I?  So, I'm a living Trump, and it's all
because of my loving father.  And my good buddy Tianen.  Bitch.  This is
the thanks I get for convincing Random to let her out of the dungeon. 

	On top of that, I know who my father is.  Some half-nut Chaosite
loser who's not cool enough to leave me the fuck alone.  No, Mr. Dad has
to go and kidnap me, and hang me from a tree, and make me immortal. 
Christ, the last thing I want right now is for my kids to be immortal. 
That's just what I need.  What a maroon.

	Of course, there is the chance that Shandril is lying to me.  I
mean, I did get caught in a Trump Hole, which is a pretty Maron thing. 
And, he is enough of a scheming bastard to plan for me finding out about
he and Shandril's little game.  I mean, all she did was hand me Trumps of
two people, one of which she claimed was Tianen, and the other my father. 
Not that I'd get a straight answer, but maybe I should go talk to Tianen. 
See who she blames for the mess.  I know, it was the one-armed man.  Or
maybe Bob.  All I know is that some fool wants me immortal, for some
reason that I have yet to learn.

	I'm not even sure that Perseus is my dad.  I guess one way to find
out would be to walk his Pattern, but I'm not too sure that this is a good
idea, since I would much enjoy seeing them destroyed.  And, looking at
what happened to Brand, I don't think I want to destroy the Pattern I've
walked.  That would make me unhappy.  Well, I tried to Trump "Dad," and
he's off in his own universe (or at least I assume it's his, he might be
in another for shits and giggles), trying to hide.  Fucker.  What an idiot. 
I will find him, it's just a matter of time.  I can get Archi to come with
me, since the Jewel will allow us to travel in another universe without
having that Pattern.  Or, I could walk the Pattern there, and follow the
bastard.  It kind of depends on Archi, I'd guess.

	Speaking of which, I got so wrapped up in my own plight, that I
almost forgot about the coronation.  That would have been bad.  But, I did
manage to locate (sort of) Benedict.  He's also in another universe.  I
just don't know which one.  I was hoping to bring him home for the
ceremony, but I guess that's not to be.  Oh well.

	Anyway, I'm going to help finish putting the coronation together,
and then I'll worry about all the shit that's going on.

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