Well, the shit has hit the fan.  I'm a living Trump.  Or so I
think.  I mean, I cut my hand, and it doesn't hurt, and heals instantly. 
Plus, I try to draw Trump of people I don't have in memory, and I get a
contact with them.

	Good things: I can't die.  Instant access to places I've been. 
Bad things: someone did this TO me.  For a reason.  It wasn't me, so it
can't be a good reason.  Plus, I can still be a vegetable.

	Archi and Laughter know.  I told Archi, because he's the king,
plus I'm his advisor, he should know.  I told Laughter, since Dworkin (who
denies any involvement) said I was a shape shifter.  I thought Laughter
might have been able to help.  She suggested Sylvie would know more, but I
think that it might be wise to not spread this quite that far right now.

	So, Fiona thinks (she's better now, BTW) that Dworkin did this
Trump thing to me, and Dworkin refuses to lay claim.  I'd ask Hewitt, but
he talks too much.  So, if it wasn't Fiona, or Dworkin, who was it?  Bleys
is a vegetable, and Maron is dead.  Wait a minute.  Maron.  Oh no.  Oh,
fucking no.  Tell me that that fuck didn't turn me into a living Trump
when I was hanging upside down from Ygg.  Well, he's dead, so whatever
reason he had for doing it, I'll never know.  Unless, YES!  Ygg said that
there were two people who were involved in hanging me up.  The other one
was a chick, what was her name?  Shandril?  Yeah, that's her.  She'll know
what the hell is going on.  I'll go find her, and get the story.

	On a far happier note, I'm a father.  Some think I was a fool to
name her Oriana, but it's a pretty name, and that alone isn't going to
affect the future.  Besides, I've already done a lot to change it, with
not disappearing, so Beauty won't fall under the spell, and what not. 
Now, we just have to destroy the new Patterns, and give the Serpent his
eye back.  Anyway, back to the kid.  She's great.  It's kind of hard to
describe, but take my word for it.

	And Beauty, she says that she was lying about her hating me
before.  And, from what I can tell, she isn't lying.  She might even love
me.  I've never loved anyone before, all I've done is use Shadows.  But
Beauty is real.  Her father was Laughter's half-brother, so Beauty has
some reality in her.  That makes things a lot different.  I want things to
work out with us.

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