Well, Sandr was right.  I've lost my mind.  Is it the Armor?  Is
it this mythical game?  What the hell is happening to me?  I'd like to
believe that Finndo deserved to die, but I think stomping up and down on
his head may have been out of line.  I just snapped.  No alcohol, like
Archi, I just snapped.  He fucked up too many people.  He killed Random,
for crying out loud.  The king is dead, long live the king, I guess.  I
don't know.

	Well, Archi is king, and I'm going to make sure that he stays
king.  And that he keeps his tongue, for that matter.  Which reminds me,
Dworkin is going to die if these Patterns stay.  At least in thirty years
he will.  And then this universe will go to the crapper.  Don't let me
forget to talk to him in the near future, to see if he has any plans on
keeping his ass alive.

	I'm going to see if I can't get Fiona and Bleys to teach me some
sneaky Pattern tricks, since I kind of found them.  That whole Logrus
thing.  I wonder if they'll help me out.  Maybe I can get them to buy into
the "we need more people who can help" line, in case this shit happens

	Beauty and Caitt and Oriana are all in Monkey land, with Hewitt. 
I'll just have to make a Trump of Beauty, and get them back.  Then, we
need to clean up Amber the rest of the way, and get the fricking Jewel
back.  And get Archi coronated, and maybe sell his sons.  Or something. 
Try to find out more about how the Pattern fuels Trump, and save Dworkin. 
And calm the fuck down.  Stop killing people.  Man, that was too scary.  I
just jumped on his head, for crying out loud.  So much for the peacenik

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