Ah, sometimes it feels so good to get away from Amber.  To be away
from all of the hustle and bustle, to be an ordinary person, just like any
other.  To roam free in one of my favorite Shadows.  The people here are
so beautiful, almost like in Amber.  Though here, they are easier to
persuade.  I took another lover last night, Jeffery.  His entire family is
gorgeous beyond belief!  I believe that I shall have all of them at some
time or another.  I have completed another Trump, diary.  This one of a
lake in one of my redder Shadows.  It's almost as if the whole land is
monochromatic, but yet it is an entire spectrum of beauty and color.  It
is a ways out from here, though.

	I am tiring of my seclusion, though.  I feel it is time for me to
head back to my home.  To Amber.  I think that I shall head out tomorrow,
with a stop in the Shadow of the man who taught me the martial arts.  I
think that it is time to show him that I have finally learned all he has
to teach.  Then back to Amber, to see the family again.

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