It was quite fun Hellriding in order to kill Shadows of Melanie. 
Claudio is a funny fellow though.  He can be so violent, yet he had some
weird idea of being humane.  Like it matters in the end, we were going to
kill them anyway.  Corwin seemed equally amused.

	Afterwards we spent time in my Shadow -- it was good to go home. 
I introduced Claudio to guns -- he was quite happy and took off to play. 
Meanwhile, I was left with Corwin.  I am still not sure how I should deal
with him.  It was unsettling to realize that at one point we were standing
in the very place that I first met him at.  Also, I think we both
remembered how caustic I was to him.  I was awful, but he deserved it. 
Besides, I had no idea who the hell he was -- why am I justifying that day
to myself?  It doesn't matter anymore.  Oh well, I'll just patiently wait
to see what happens.

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