Well, life sure has been interesting as of late.  Let's see. 
Where do I begin?

	It all began when Merlin came to get me for breakfast.  I gave him
hell and I actually felt bad when he looked so defeated.  But damn I was
mad that he found some maid for me and he didn't even bother to check her
out.  How could someone in these troubled times be so fucking careless?

	Anyway, I went to breakfast and ate with Dad.  He acts weird
nowadays.  Gramps thinks that it is probably because he is still adjusting
to Amber.  I guess I understand, but it is hard to see Dad this confused.

	Later, all kinds of weird stuff happened.  The sky started raining
blood.  We departed and eventually end up in Foil.  I go with Gramps to
rescue Laughter -- she had been kidnapped by Maron.

	Dworkin rescues Laughter as we arrive at the castle.  Everyone
prepares to leave.  But, Merlin points to where Maron is.  I bound up the
stairs and send a dagger into his throat.  Problem is, I was so happy to
get rid of him and his plague of unexpected problems, that I forgot that
someone else might be around.  OOPS!  Finndo grabbed Merlin and I in these
little ring things.  They took away what little bit of power I have.  The
others tried to rescue me and Merlin but Finndo grabbed hold of Merlin.  I
was going to let go; we could go back and rescue him.  But they just sent
some power through the trump contact and stung Finndo.  We took off
running.  He came after us and Ulysses jumped on his head.

	I don't like taking a life, but Maron was a constant threat and
the son of a bitch decided that my family (my immediate family) and I were
good targets.  It sucks that Eve had to lose her father, but we could
never rest with him alive.  Apparently he was a good father -- his
daughter loves him -- but he was a lousy person.  He is one less threat
for us to face.  And Finndo is two.

	Someone had to do it.

	I did it.

	They should have known someone would.

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