This has just been weird.  We left for Chaos and each of us ended
up in some weird places.  Luckily, Melanie and I ended up in a banquet
hall with Shandril.  I can't believe that she did that to us though.  I
had no idea who she was -- I wonder if Merlin has a clue, probably not. 
Anyway, she let us go and we went and found that insane bastard, Sandr. 
He was rambling about something -- I haven't a clue what was up with him. 
We meet up with Gramps and Ulysses.  And Melanie takes Gramps to go save
Laughter.  We follow and begin to fight these creatures.  I have not had
the fun of a good fight in some while.  Anyway, we all leave and go to
Foil.  I was relaxing in Foil and a trump opened under my feet once again. 
I ended up in a room.  After searching the room I discovered some of
Sandr's things -- that jerk.  So I kicked in the door, some guards came
and Sandr saved me -- yeah right.  So I go back into the room and trump
Gramps to tell him about the slime that is Sandr.  Luckily for him, they
convinced me that he was not behind it, that Maron was.  I have never been
so bloodthirsty in all my life.  Sons of Brand are just problems for me. 
Then there is this father thing.  I do not understand what is up with my
father.  I thought he was dead.  If he wasn't, then I want to know why he
deserted me and our people.  I hope he has a good reason.  Mom was
devastated.  Oh well, I WILL find out what is his deal.

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