I am so happy for Grandfather.  He and Laughter are now happily
married; too bad there won't be a honeymoon yet.  I asked Flora to help me
find clothing appropriate for a wedding.  How did I let her talk me into
wearing those contraptions?!  Like I am not tall enough without high
heeled shoes?  Like I need to bind my stomach to push out my breasts?  It
was not a woman who designed those things.

	The reception was pleasant enough.  I danced with Merlin and Mok
(surprise, surprise).  Neither are bad guys but they try way too hard. 
They both seem like typical men after an object.  They don't know much
about me as a person and they don't seem interested in exploring anything
more than my body.  Their loss.  They will never get anywhere by drooling. 
They make such fools of themselves because they look desperate.  If they
would just relax and treat me like any other new acquaintance, maybe they
would get further and save face.  Those two are pathetic.

	Oh well, I should be safe from their attempts for a while on this
mission.  Well, I can hope can't I?

	I just remembered something.  Sandr has been walking around far
away from me.  He keeps his distance.  I guess that is good -- I don't
think that our personalities permit any kind of friendship.  I hope he is
taking care of Eve.  I decided to leave it totally up to him.  She is not
really my concern.  I just worry about any small child around our family. 
I don't particularly like Sandr, but I don't dislike him either -- as long
as he doesn't make the slightest threat against me.  Oh well, I never
expected us to be friends.  I wonder what he was thinking when asked me to
marry him?  Can you imagine, me and Sandr?  Now if that isn't frightening,
I don't know what is.  Speaking of fright, we will be leaving shortly.

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