Well, Amber sure has many weird days.  Merlin is starting to worry
me.  He appears to like me, which isn't too bad (I guess), except that he
is dead, or has been dead, or something.  He seems nice and harmless
enough, but I think he is a little too strange for me.  I did however, go
to dinner with him -- which is where I found out about his death or
whatever it was.  Grandpa and Laughter showed up.  I told Grandpa about
dear little Sandr's mistake.  He took it well -- he was ready to kill
Sandr.  I did not want that; I just wanted to know more about how to
defend myself against Sandr.  Besides, Grandpa should know; he's the only
person that I can truly trust (well, as truly as anyone can trust their
relatives in Amber).  I know that Laughter is going to have my uncle or
aunt (weirdness), but I don't think Gramps knows.  Merlin asked me to go
to the theater with him.  Hell, we're in the middle of a serious problem
and he's trying to put the moves on me!  What the hell was he thinking?  I
don't think that I will ever understand him.  And I don't know if I want
to.  Mok appeared and looked at Merlin funny.  Apparently he trumped
himself into the possessive castle.  Shandril and I went to my quarters. 
I guess I will have to get used to her.  I still don't like the idea of a

	Anyway, I went to sleep and had another weird dream.  What the
hell is happening?  I never had such weird dreams as I have had since the
castle began to awaken!  There were only six stars in the sky.  Then one
fell and became a woman!  Maybe I will ask Laughter about this.  Oh well,
I guess I have vented enough for now.  My life is so weird now that I have
learned of Amber.  I will never be the same!

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