Why must weird things always happen to me?  I had a dream that I
was a hawk and as I was flying Dad came up next to me, the earth began to
fall away, and we were flying in space.  As we landed on a small piece of
floating rock, I was awakened by Shandril, a servant.  In this place I
have met a few people that appear to want to undress me, but I have never
encountered someone so eager to dress me.  Apparently Merlin -- and
ultimately his FATHER, Corwin -- was behind this weirdness.  I met with
him in the library.  I guess they are seeing after me.  (Maybe this
involves some weird Corwin plot -- I have heard of his great womanizing
skills -- I do not think that I would like to be his prey.) Anyway, Merlin
will paint my trump.  I went to breakfast and Sandr added himself to the
list of would- be-undressers.  He does not strike me as a suitable
interest -- he is severely unbalanced.  Afterwards, I sat for my trump
portrait and later went to lunch -- but my recollections may be from
breakfast.  Some weird things happened (i.e. a messenger died, Dworkin --
weird in and of himself -- collapsed).  A little girl named Eve appeared. 
Sandr finds that he has a niece and he manages to hurt her feelings by
talking about her father in some rather foul terms.  I talk to her and we
become friends quickly.  She is a precious little girl that needs someone
a little more balanced than Sandr alone.  I manage to offend Sandr by
being nice to her and helping her around the castle.  Oh well.  Eve went
to go for a nap and when I checked in on her, I managed to offend young
Sandr again.  He blew up and apparently he tried to harm me.  The castle
must like me, because it dropped a brick on his head, knocked him
unconscious, and said "he shouldn't have done that."  I should have killed
him immediately, but that would not be fair to Eve and I decided to give
him a second chance.  I just hung him outside the window upside down.  It
was a warning that I hope he did not fail to comprehend.  I walked around
and later went to dinner during which we decided to evacuate, before the
castle completely awoke and held us favorites as prisoners.  It was a
strange day, and it gets stranger as I write and Sandr and I attempt to
clear the air.  I hope he does realize that in the time that it takes him
to get his power, I could cut his throat with a sword or dagger.  He
should be a bit more cautious.  Because his next attempt will be his last
-- he will kill me or I will kill him.  I did not even try to harm the
little emotionally impaired person.  It was a bit dishonorable of him to
try to harm me.  Oh well the castle was on my side.

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