Well it has been another one of those weeks.  I woke up this morning 
and went to breakfast.  Damion does not talk much.  He nodded at me; he;s 
quite asocial.  Oh well, his problem.  Mok came to breakfast, he's very 
nice, but he doesn't seem quite right.  It's as if he's missing a little 
something from between his ears sometimes.  But he is friendlies than 
Damion, in fact he seems rather willing to be friendlier to me. But 
please let's not think about that.  Eventually, when others came to 
breakfast  I was informed of grandfather's upcoming marriage with 
Laughter.  Sometimes, she acts younger than me.  She will be a cool, but 
unusual grandmother.  Well, lunch went the same as breakfast, it was a 
rather long day with the funerals and all.  Funny, nobody seemed sad; 
there was a lot of respect and confusion as to everyone's feelings, but 
nobody but Sandr seemed extremely disturbed.  I don't understand funeral 
grief anyways.  The only person I was ever sad to see go was Dad, because 
I was so young, I still needed him.  It was an interesting funeral.  We 
dressed in white; the white men in my shadow wear black for funerals and 
white for weddings--I wonder what  Laughter will decide to wear for her 
wedding.  This Amber is a confusing place.  I walked the pattern and it 
was quite an ordeal.  Frankly, it bit.  But of course I made it through. 
Archi and I went to my shadow and slept.  It is a good thing mother was 
there because I started bleeding. She told me it was a woman thing-Thank 
somebody--I thought that I was dying.  Anyways, grandfather and I 
arranged my people, equipped them with guns, and commmenced to ridding my 
world entirely of the white man.  I would not care about my shadow, 
except mom is still there and I can't very well bring her to Amber--she 
could never adjust.  So, we made life a little easier for her and left; I 
have to censor my stories for her because she either wouldn't believe me 
or she would totally freak out.  Then, we returned to Amber.  I guess 
that I'll have to remain in Amber for now until I figure out what else to 
do.  My world isn't exactly the same as it used to be. . .